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Edara Department offers a range of leading services in the field of facility planning management

That helps you grow and develop and make your business more flexible

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About Edara

Management Service is a corporate resource planning system and one of the services of Business Success for Communications and Information Technology.
Department offers a range of leading services in the field of facility planning management that help you grow and develop and achieve more flexibility for your business.

We aim to be one of the pioneers in digital transformation according to Vision 2030

Our mission is to work sincerely to provide technical services that provide our customers with greater operational efficiency and higher productivity gains

Our Values

Customer priority

The quality



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Packages & Prices

Point of sale Package

75 SAR Monthly

900 SAR Annually

10 GB storage space

Basic Package

Bronze Technical Support Plan

300 SAR Monthly

3600 SAR Annually

30 GB storage space

Advanced Package

Silver Technical Support Plan

600 SAR Monthly

7200 SAR Annually

80 GB storage space

Corporate Package

Golden Technical Support Plan

200 GB storage space


A management program that is installed on a cloud environment that makes it possible for you to work on it from any browser connected to the Internet. It is one of the resource systems known as ERP

Yes, we provide 3 technical support packages to suit all different needs and sizes of institutions.. They are:
Basic package
Advanced package
Corporate Package

The management program is designed to suit companies and institutions, whether they have one branch or several branches.

This means that you do not need to purchase more than one copy if you have more than one branch of your organization.

After subscribing and paying in full, a user guide file that shows how to use the program will be sent.

The system is set up to run on our own cloud platform.

According to our usage policy, refunds are only available for the first month of subscription.

We have effective security applications and systems that comply with international quality standards.

Management program and related services, affiliated to (Najah Business for Communications and Information Technology), an officially registered Saudi company, headquartered in Riyadh.

We provide multiple payment methods to facilitate the subscription process for you.

You can pay using 1- direct bank transfer or 2- different electronic payment methods.

To ensure that you get the service you deserve, we have provided you with a unified number to call: 920000208

You can also contact the technical support department via our official email:



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